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This is also a Work in Progress section.

I've been interested in photography since a child browsing family photo albums. My mum’s eldest brother was a time serving Royal Marine in the ‘30s, his photo albums whilst serving pre-war with The Mediterranean Fleet and The China Station fascinated me, he was sadly killed in action aboard Valiant exactly one year before I was born in WWII and I was named after him. My photography progressed from film with a 1956 Bakelite Kodak Brownie 127, via cameras ‘with adjustments’ to screw Leica III models, bayonet Leica M2, M6, R5 & R6, to digital. Plus a variety of lenses, I still have a 1959 Leitz f3.5 65mm Elmar used on Leitz Bellows and adapters to fit an Olympus – it is all manual, a delight to use and the quality of the image surpass modern lenses. I now use a Leica M9, various Canon DSLRs and lenses, currently my favoured system is Olympus µ4/3. It is subject to rumours and discussion about their future and comparison of results with full frame. I find them very adequate, can print to A3, plus range to range more affordable and portable; especially if weight is a concern while carrying, plus cabin baggage when flying.

I now have an eclectic photographic interest ranging from flower studies, travel, landscapes, heritage to natural history. Plus using Photoshop for 25 years and now with Lightroom.

I was born, educated and raised in the wonderful County of Sussex, England with its beautiful countryside, the seashore, wonderful vistas, an abundance of natural flora and fauna. I grew up in the immediate post WWII era in what was then a quiet country area. My interests in all aspects of natural history and the countryside were kindled at an early age.

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George Backshall LRPS