Welcome to my portfolio of photographs.

It is WIP which will possibly continue for a 'long time'.

This web site is to share some of the images I enjoyed creating over the years in many locations, some were originally photographed on slide film and more recent on a variety of digital cameras.

I trust that you enjoy browsing the pages as much as I have selecting a few to show here. Pop back when you can since I plan to add and rearrange content as time permits and the mood takes. During January 2021 we are in the midst of Tier 4 Covid-19 restrictions until whenever, I'm looking forward to a post-pandemic 'New-Normal', suitably vaccinated, to remember the world outside my immediate surroundings and to get out with my cameras.

The About Me section is a short bio, you may also contact me via the Contact Form (I didn't add a an email in plain text to deter scammers and unmentionables being a PITA).

George Backshall LRPS